Posted on Jul 11, 2019

Bestway Electrics and Solar

The dramatic fall in expected energy costs from your new solar system can only be realized in practice, if the system achieves the nominated energy production and operational lifetime.

Considerations that affect these outcomes include making the right equipment choices and ensuring that they are correctly installed to avoid any operational issues emerging over an expected long lifetime.

Images above are from a 7 year old installation I was recently called out to repair.

Every panel was affected by micro fractures or hot spots (not good for solar panels) causing the system to work at a fraction of it's expected performance and therefore rendered almost useless. The cracked tiles caused by poor workmanship during the original installation allowed water ingress to the ceiling causing thousands of dollars damage.

The owner tried to contact the original well known solar installer only to find that they had closed down, literally leaving their customer high and dry!

The best thing about this installation was the original solar proposal provided to the customer which was very professional and glossy, unlike the equipment and installation service they supplied. Needless to say the customer was very disappointed!!

In this case the customer was advised that it wasn't viable to repair the system and it would need to be replaced.
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